The library at grace

HISTORY OF OUR LIBRARY—Our library staff is proud of the library. We spend many “behind the scenes” hours to keep the library clean, attractive, & current.  The Library began with Pastor Billings    expressing  an   interest in building an organized collection of books. He encouraged Lisa Williams and Debbie Slagle (high school teens) to begin the arduous task. At that time Mary Lou Wetzel worked at the public library; she gave the girls lots of guidance and support.  The 1st library was located across from the men’s restroom, next door to the Oasis.  Subsequent leaders in the library were: Ruth Gagel, Bea Baines (Ketchum), Debbie Slagle, Whitney    Nelson, and presently, Vickie Leonard. However, throughout the years there have been numerous workers – volunteering many hrs. In the early 90’s Randy & Debbie Slagle attended sessions/classes   for  library training offered by SBC at Ridgecrest near Asheville, NC. GBC has been blessed with the work of these many volunteers. The library we have today is a tribute to all these dedicated people.
We are excited to tell you, we  now have a Facebook group page!! Search Facebook for Grace Baptist Church Library  - Elizabethton, TN.
Look for new  media (books, DVD’s, books on CD). Also, our contests, promotions, events will be posted.
However, PLEASE BE PATIENT with us as this is a new venture; and we have lots to learn.